Organisation and
management structures

Company culture
HIAG combines the strengths of a family-owned company with the financial clout of a listed group. It’s company culture is characterised by trust, transparency and dialogue, based on lean structures with short decision-making paths. This allows HIAG to react quickly to changing market conditions and to seize opportunities.

Management structure
HIAG’s sites differ by degree of their integration in macro- and micro-locations, historical background, anchor tenants, mix of uses and development phase. The organisation must also keep up with challenges as site redevelopment progresses. HIAG focuses on direct and personal contact with anchor tenants, the local authorities and other stakeholders at all times. The assigned site developers and the head of portfolio management carry out this role across the entire portfolio. They steer local redevelopment processes, integrating the benefit of their experience and apply their know-how to the entire portfolio in order to bring the entrepreneurial vision of each individual redevelopment into focus. They exchange their perspectives as they develop to concepts for use, positioning, services to enliven entire districts and know-how to efficiently and effectively manage construction. To ensure maximum impact of the network effect, the Managing Board also provides strategic momentum for the redevelopment process across the entire portfolio.