Papieri Site

The startup and eSports scene bring out the best in the Papieri site

HIAG’s revised master plan for the Papieri site in Biberist is now undergoing the canton’s preliminary examination and the public participation phase. Until the master plan becomes legally binding, which can take one to two years, HIAG continues to concentrate on seeding future success through lively interim use.

HIAG is resolutely pursuing its goal of creating a distinctly entrepreneurial and innovative site in Biberist where different companies bring new concepts to life. The last paper machines of the former Papieri site paper plant have been sold, and by mid-2019, HIAG will be free to tackle the revitalisation of the entire site. Currently about 80% of the available surface area in Biberist is being used, and between 100 and 150 jobs have been created at the site. The new tenants include an innovative 3D printing company, for example, which produces custom parts for the downhill bike scene, among other things.

In the final phase, the Papieri site will be incorporated into Biberist as a new quarter with a lively mix of retail space, offices, unobtrusive businesses, many options for leisure activities and apartments. The Papieri site’s proximity to the railway station is also considered to be an advantage. In addition, the area of the Papieri site adjacent to Biberist is part of a residential zone, thus providing many opportunities for independent development towards the centre of the municipality.

The plan to establish an eSports hub at the Papieri site will provide new momentum and an attractive force that will spread beyond the municipality of Biberist to the entire region. STARK eSports, a leading European eSports agency, was secured as a partner that wants to put Biberist on the map in the eSports scene. Regular eSports events involving Swiss leagues will start in Biberist this year.

Papieri Site Biberist
Total surface area:
791’000 m²
Usable area:
312’000 m²
Project status:
  • Acquisition
  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Occupancy
Site developer:
Michele Muccioli
  • Use and preservation of the hydroelectric plant at the site
  • Sustainable master planning respects established uses and structures during the temporary use phase
  • Preservation of “grey energy” through conversion of existing plant
  • Restoration and clean-up of the Emme river by the canton