Legler Site

A meeting point for today’s nomads

The Legler site is becoming a point on the map of an international community of world citizens, who shape their lives in unique places in accordance with their vision. Tucked away in a green valley, the former Legler & Co. weaving mill in Diesbach (GL) is being redeveloped as a getaway location with a unique atmosphere for company meetings and retreats.

The Legler site in Diesbach is waking up to a new life. Since 2001, the original weaving mill site of Legler & Co., which was founded in 1856, has been slumbering at the foot of one of the last waterfalls in the Glarus region, the “Stüber” as Diesbach locals call it. The site, acquired by HIAG in 2012, is now waking up thanks to the young company Alpine Co-Working, operated by the environmental scientist Isabelle Behrens and the trained hotel manager Robert Pfadt. The pair gained experience as co-working event organisers for companies and individual groups at 21 retreat sites and for a total of 600 participants. Now they have settled in Diesbach with a fixed retreat location at the Legler site. A peaceful haven is being created there for creative processes and efficient working in small and large groups.

An oasis for body and mind
The offering at the Legler site seeks to meet the needs of today’s nomads, who work in the digital world and are not tied down to a fixed location. The Alpine Co-Working concept reflects this work culture in which people come to places where like-minded people meet and with whom they can develop and implement projects together. Everything’s been thought of at the Legler site: since eating and drinking well are as important for well-being and performance as atmosphere and relaxation, the Legler site will offer specially designed accommodation, work and leisure facilities and a restaurant that serves healthy, balanced meals. All this while being surrounded by the pristine nature of the Glarus region, where visitors can take a refreshing walk at any time of year.

Long-term perspectives
"We are continuing to plan for the long term,” said HIAG site developer Alex Römer. “Alpine Co-Working and HIAG will be taking the Legler site into the future together.” HIAG remains the owner and redeveloper, while Alpine Co-Working will foster new life at the Legler site as a tenant. It is important for both partners that the charm of the former Legler & Co. weaving mill is fully preserved. If everything goes according to plan, the Legler site will begin its new life in 2019 with the first working groups.

Legler Site Diesbach
Total surface area:
60’000 m²
Event areas:
over 1’000 m²
210 m²
Hotel rooms:
Various creative and break rooms
Yoga space:
170 m²
150 m²
Project status:
  • Acquisition
  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Occupancy
Site developer:
Alex Römer
  • Transformation and preservation of protected building structure
  • Locally sourced hydroelectric energy
  • Support for innovation

A project with an international impact
This new beginning at the Legler site with the help of its innovative users fits into HIAG’s strategy. The combination of the existing and the new creates long-term development potential and opens up new forms of use. The team retreats offered by Alpine Co-Working at a picturesque location in Diesbach create a lively mix at this historic site, which is both surrounded by pristine nature and readily integrated into the digital world with its connection to the fastest data highway in the Alps (100 Gbps). The Legler site is turning into an inspiring site with an international reach where modern work methods, contemporary relaxation, lively exchanges and retreats all have room to coexist. A meeting point for digital nomads and artists that offers workshops, company retreats, a venue for parties and a getaway for individual visitors.