Kunzareal Site

Attractive infrastructure, excellent neighbourhood

HIAG sees itself as a long-term real-estate partner that focuses on creating lively districts or entire city districts with their own individual character. It places special emphasis on urban planning, political issues, the mix of users, catering facilities, meeting places and shared infrastructure. This is particularly true at the Kunzareal site in Windisch.

In the summer of 2019, the FARO Foundation will move into the new “Spitzmatt residence” for people with disabilities. The approximately 6’500 m2 of existing floor space formerly occupied by the Swiss Army Recruitment Centre will be adapted with minor modifications to meet the new requirements. The outward appearance of the property will be only slightly altered. In addition to painting the façade, the two existing elevators will be encased and additional washrooms will be added inside the living areas. A specially designed colour concept will also help orient visitors and make the building feel more like home.

“About 50 people will call the former recruitment centre their new home, and the FARO Foundation’s employees will have a new place to work,” says FARO co-director Rosey Schär. “Since we have to leave our current premises at the Königsfelden site due to building projects at the Aargau psychiatric clinic (PDAG), we have found an ideal location at the Kunzareal site.”

HIAG’s site developer Alex Römer considers the FARO Foundation an ideal partner: “The new residents will benefit from the wide range of activities at the Kunzareal site and the proximity to further facilities, just as they themselves will create attractive added value for the quarter by opening up the gymnasium and the Spitzmatt restaurant to a wider public.”

In recent years, a diverse and lively quarter has sprung up at the Kunzareal site in Windisch, a place where people can live and work in an idyllic environment with room for innovative business models. Residents, young entrepreneurs, traditional firms and now also the FARO Foundation benefit from shared infrastructure and good neighbourly relations within the quarter.

Kunzareal Site Windisch
Total surface area:
29’000 m²
Usable area Faro Foundation:
6’500 m²
Usable area Kunzareal site (total):
15’500 m²
Project status:
  • Acquisition
  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Occupancy
Site developer:
Alex Römer
  • Preservation of “grey energy” through conversion of the existing building as part of the “FARO” project
  • Very broad diversification of the mix of users
  • Creation of a new quarter
  • Photovoltaics as a supporting source of energy
  • Environmentally friendly mobility ensured (public transport connections, mobility)