Switzerland’s Secure Digital Cloud Platform

HIAG Data allows companies with very high data security, data independence and data availability requirements to securely operate their cloudbased solutions. In close collaboration with leading industrial and technological partners, HIAG Data is thus completing the global public cloud offering with its Secure Swiss Cloud Services.

“Our ability to design and create our cloud platform from the ground up based on stateofthe-art technology and know-how, delivers critical added value for our customers, as we are placing a highly secure and efficient cloud platform at their disposal that covers all long-term requirements in terms of security, functionality, technological independence and availability,” explains Christoph Pfister, HIAG Data’s Chief Operating Officer. He emphasises that HIAG Data works in close collaboration with specialist partners to develop and operate their cloud platform. As industry leaders in cloud technology, these partners provide well-established expertise.

Strategic partnership planned with SIX for Secure Swiss Cloud Services
The use of cloud solutions and therefore transaction-based software solutions enables industry-independent and attractive new business models. In order to help regulated companies that process sensitive data manage this transition faster, HIAG Data and SIX, the Swiss financial market infrastructure provider, announced their intention to jointly develop and operate Secure Swiss Cloud Services in December 2018. SIX and HIAG Data are thus establishing a cloud-based ecosystem for the Swiss financial market. HIAG Data will provide a highly secure and efficient cloud platform, with SIX contributing its knowhow in terms of regulation and compliance, and orchestrating the various providers. Together, HIAG Data and SIX plan to offer SIX’s clients their first Secure Swiss Cloud Services in the third quarter of 2019.

Major need for a local Swiss solution
SIX and HIAG Data’s planned offer meets the needs of large and particularly regulated companies in Switzerland. Unlimited control of their outsourced cloud services is important to them, as they must meet requirements set forth by the regulatory authority (FINMA), including preservation of bank secrecy, privacy protection and availability.