St. Margrethen

Long-term site redevelopment in St. Margrethen

St. Margrethen (SG), where HIAG was founded in 1876 as a timber trading company, is home to the HIAG site with the longest strategic planning horizon so far. Construction rights for approximately 70’000 m² of a total of 100’000 m² were transferred to Stadler Rail until 2080, thus harmonising the duration of use of two adjoining sub-sites in St. Margrethen. This configuration creates long-term development potential for St. Margrethen and the Rhine valley region.

Stadler has made long-term plans for St. Margrethen and will be generating two generations’ worth of economic momentum for the whole region. Between the end of 2019 and the spring of 2020, a major share of Stadler Rail’s current production will be transferred from nearby Altenrhein (SG) to the new manufacturing plant in St. Margrethen. With approximately 900 employees, the site is slated to become the Group’s competence centre for KISS double-decker multiple-unit trains. Stadler Rail will also build tramways and other railway vehicles for the Swiss and international markets in St. Margrethen. In addition, an engineering department with approximately 250 highly qualified employees will provide services for the entire Stadler Group.

Commitment to the Swiss workplace
Stadler’s choice of St. Margrethen is seen as a clear commitment to the Swiss workplace. During the evaluation phase, the municipality in Eastern Switzerland distinguished itself from lower-cost locations in Eastern Europe. Stadler’s Board of Directors chose St. Margrethen because substantial efficiency gains at the new plant will enhance Stadler Rail’s competitiveness in international markets in the long run, while maintaining production costs on a level similar to that of Altenrhein. Other advantages of St. Margrethen include the fact that the “Altfeld” site already has a rail connection, and the new Stadler plant, which is situated directly behind St. Margrethen railway station, will therefore offer quick and easy connections to the public and private transport system.

St. Margrethen Site
Total surface area:
100’000 m²
Usable area Stadler Rail:
70’000 m²
Usable area Sieber Logistik:
30’000 m²
Project status:
  • Acquisition
  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Occupancy
Site developer:
Thorsten Eberle
  • Enables sustainable industrialisation and supports innovation
  • Fosters the creation of highly skilled jobs and supports the economic development of the region
  • Accompanies sustainable production patterns