Site Niederhasli

Long-term perspectives

The attractive development of the town centre including businesses and up to 300 apartments can soon begin at the site around Niederhasli railway station currently occupied by the formwork specialist Doka Schweiz. HIAG’s ambitious site planning brings Doka Schweiz’s needs in line with those of Niederhasli’s municipality, local population and businesses.

At the Niederhasli (ZH) site, HIAG is currently constructing an office building of approximately 3’500 m2 and about 4’300 m2 of production halls, where between 70 and 100 people will be employed by Doka Schweiz, a company specialising in formwork techniques. Doka Schweiz’s transfer in 2020 will free up the 16’500 m2 Niederhasli railway station area for long-term development of the centre. HIAG won over the municipal council with its concept for Niederhasli due to its progressive increase in high-quality use of the town centre. The council therefore showed its support by granting a special permit for Doka Schweiz’s new building within the planning zone in question. The groundbreaking took place in the second half of 2018.

The special building permit was necessary because at the end of 2014 the municipality of Niederhasli imposed a planning zone over the entire industrial area of Farn and Fevlig / Egelsee. The municipality is taking its time rezoning an exclusively industrial area with a total surface area of 235’000 m2 into a mixed use area, including commercial and living spaces. “It is essential that we plan our medium and long-term urban development professionally and in consultation with our neighbours,” explained Marco Kurer, Niederhasli’s mayor.

The high-quality design of HIAG’s new building in Niederhasli’s industrial quarter offers Doka Schweiz excellent working conditions and ensures the future existence of the attractive building even if the quarter around the railway station continues to be redeveloped with a focus on residential use. At the same time, as a well-integrated limit to the industrial zone, it creates conditions for higher value positioning of development in the freed-up central area.

Site Niederhasli
Total surface area:
56’000 m²
Surface area of Doka Schweiz:
28’000 m²
Project status:
  • Acquisition
  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Occupancy
Site developer:
Alex Römer
  • High architectural quality of the office building with all the relevant energy standards
  • The new redevelopment projects ensure safeguarding of jobs in the long term and lay the foundation for the development of a new residential quarter
  • Close consultation and cooperation with the municipality