Meyrin Site
“The Hive”

High quality working and living conditions that attract top talent

At the heart of “The Hive” campus in Meyrin (GE), a restaurant and training centre with a shady patio area is being built for the dynamic Swiss restaurant chain “Luigia”. The new 700 m² pavilion will be a gathering place at the centre of the campus and a bridge to nearby CERN, whose employees are an important target group for “Luigia”.

After home-style meals, pasta and pizza are among Swiss people’s favourite foods. The Geneva company Capomondo takes advantage of this preference, mixing up the pasta and pizza market in Switzerland and internationally with its “Luigia” restaurant concept. The first “Luigia” opened its doors in Switzerland nine years ago. Today, there are six “Luigia” restaurants in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In 2018, Capomondo founder Luigi Guarnaccia and his partner Enrico Coppola opened the first “Luigia” restaurant in the desert emirate of Dubai. In 2019, the first “Luigia” restaurant in Germanspeaking Switzerland opens in Zurich. The annual turnover of the “Luigia” chain is about 30 million CHF and its current workforce numbers approximately 200 employees.

Like a beehive, HIAG’s “The Hive” campus concept seeks to foster lively tenant networking at the campus, creating the perfect environment for efficient and successful work – a key factor in the attractiveness of a workplace. From the start, a large outside area with many grassy spots was given significant importance. The overall concept of the site reflects the desire to promote communication. The buildings are located around a central square, which is a place to meet, be inspired and relax. The multi-space layout inside the buildings ideally supports the coexistence of various company cultures at the campus.

New partners and an innovative lighting system at “The Hive” campus
The development of “The Hive” campus in Meyrin (GE) is advancing as planned. With varied, high-quality spaces and an attractive work environment available for established companies and startups, “The Hive” offers its users a wide range of possibilities.

Starting in 2019, and after an extensive building modernisation, Regus, the largest provider of office solutions in the world, will take over attractive offices at “The Hive 1”.

Since September 2018, restaurant manager Julien Tordeux and his SV Service team have been offering guests at “The Hive” campus from Monday to Friday a selection of healthy dishes. Two menus, a well-stocked salad buffet, home-made sandwiches and various deserts are offered daily. A peaceful and sunny patio area invites patrons to get together for a chat or simply relax and recharge their batteries.

In 2018, an innovative solar lighting system was installed in the campus car park with a sophisticated technical solution. Each light is fitted with its own control panel and collects the sun’s energy during the day, which is stored in a battery and autonomously released via LED lights at night. By using this sustainable technology to change the way we plan our spaces, our site’s lighting has adapted to the challenges of the energy transition.

Meyrin Site “The Hive”
Total surface area:
43’000 m²
Usable area “The Hive 1”:
8’200 m²
Usable area “The Hive 2”:
7’700 m²
Usable area “Luigia”:
700 m²
Project status:
  • Acquisition
  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Occupancy
Site developer:
Yves Perrin
  • Promotion of biodiversity through attractively designed outside areas, including trees and rainwater collection tanks
  • Minergie and LEED-Standard certification for “The Hive 2” building
  • Renovation of “The Hive 1” to preserve the existing building substance and to use the previously harnessed grey energy
  • Monitored bee hives as an indicator of the site’s environmental quality
  • Use of photovoltaics as an energy source

Ein Projekt mit internationaler Ausstrahlung
Die Lancierung eines neuen Abschnitts auf dem Legler Areal gemeinsam mit innovativen Nutzern entspricht der Strategie der HIAG. Aus der Verbindung von Bestehendem und Neuem wird langfristiges Entwicklungspotenzial geschaffen, das neue Nutzungsformen eröffnet. Die Team-Retreats, die von Alpine Co-Working an malerischer Lage in Diesbach angeboten werden, erzeugen eine lebendige Durchmischung auf dem in ursprünglicher Natur eingebetteten, historischen Areal, das mit seiner Anbindung an die schnellste Datenautobahn der Alpen (100 Gbps) bereits mitten in der digitalen Welt angekommen ist. Das Legler Areal wird ein inspirierender Ort mit internationaler Ausstrahlung, an dem moderne Arbeitsformen, zeitgemässe Erholung, lebendiger Austausch und Rückzug gleichermassen Raum finden: Ein Treffpunkt für digitale Nomaden und Künstler, der sich auch für Workshops und Retraiten von Firmen oder Feste aber auch den Rückzug zu sich selbst anbietet.