Dietikon Site

Retail site with long-term potential

Anyone passing by the Dietikon (ZH) exit on the A1 motorway will see the HIAG site at the Silbern industrial area, which can be reached from the motorway directly: a flourishing retail site with well-known specialist retailers such as Media Markt, Otto’s, Reno, Fressnapf and Lipo.

The Silbern site, located in the middle of the lively “Limmatstadt” between Baden and Zurich, has a bright future ahead of it. The dynamic region is exceptionally well connected in terms of transport, both by private transport and via the city bus line, and soon with its own stop on the planned Limmattal suburban train line, which will connect the western part of the city of Zurich with the municipalities of Schlieren, Urdorf, Dietikon, Spreitenbach and Killwangen-Spreitenbach. Limmattal is one of the fastest growing regions in the Zurich area, where strong population and job growth is expected in the coming years, and HIAG’s approximately 39’000 m2 site is located right in the middle. In the past, when HIAG was still active in the timber industry, the Bauwerk-Parkett site was used for storage. Today, HIAG’s Dietikon location is a vibrant retail site with long-term potential.

The future positioning of the Dietikon retail site still depends on the impact of the development of the Limmattal suburban train line. Instead of rebuilding the entire site in one fell swoop, the site will be upgraded step-by-step within the existing structure. Leases with anchor tenants such as Media Markt have been extended on a long-term basis.

During the change of tenants from Lipo to XXXLutz, HIAG is planning a partially new building at the 20’000 m2 site with good visibility from the motorway, as well as the conversion of the existing building. Starting in 2021, the new building will set the tone for further redevelopment of the site. With its own restaurant and roof terrace, the building for XXXLutz should become a lively meeting place in the Silbern area.

“The Dietikon site is very well established as a specialist retail site in the commercial landscape and will be able to hold its own in the competition against online business,” says HIAG’s Thorsten Eberle, in charge of the site’s redevelopment. “The change at our Dietikon site meets customer expectations: less surface area for product presentation, but more room for a broadly diversified offering of eateries and meeting places in the area. It is apparent that we have been successful in Dietikon despite the difficult retail context,” he adds.

Site Dietikon
Total surface area:
38’700 m²
Office area:
3’900 m²
Commercial area:
1’400 m²
Retail space:
23’600 m²
Area for leisure and culture:
5’700 m²
Storage area:
3’000 m²
Parking spaces:
Project status:
  • Acquisition
  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Occupancy
Site developer:
Thorsten Eberle
Portfolio management:
Ralf Küng
  • Re-use of the existing building for the project XXXLutz
  • Upgrading of the outdoor spaces and site branding with signage to the benefit of all users at the site

Optimised structures provide an improved shopping experience for the customer
In 2018, HIAG again invested in the overhaul of the site’s visual identity to facilitate access to shops. Outdoor seating improved visiting conditions, and all users at the site benefit from the standardisation of direction and location signs. “We view the Silbern area as a whole. What counts for us is that the overall concept works,” explains Thorsten Eberle. “This will also be visible and palpable with the new building for XXXLutz.”

Partner in a dynamic region
The Silbern area is located in the heart of the dynamic economic catchment area of Limmattal, between the Altstetten quarter of Zurich and Killwangen-Spreitenbach. With the construction of the planned “Silbern” Limmattal train /suburban train line, the area will become even more attractive, and redevelopment will be boosted with HIAG as an active participant.